SMP For Women

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP)

Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP) is a highly detailed process to create a natural-looking stimulation of micro hairs. SMP is widely considered the modern and successful or most recent hair loss solution for both men and women. 

And if you’re one of the six million women each year that experience hair loss or excessive thinning, you might already be considering taking your first steps to your SMP journey.

SMP is an effective solution for Australian women that want fuller, more voluminous looking hair. 

Platinum Cosmetic Ink’s consultations and treatments are backed by our unrivalled knowledge and experience of the Scalp Micropigmentation process and our world-leading client aftercare and support programme.

What SMP can do for you

The SMP technique has helped women around the world regain their confidence and Juanita and the team want to help you regain yours too.

SMP can help you by:

  • Creating the appearance of a full, thicker head of hair
  • Permanently concealing the symptoms of alopecia regardless of the severity or reoccurrence
  • Hiding hair transplant scars from strip or FUE surgery
  • concealing burns and scars
  • Working as a combination solution with hair transplanting to provide voluminous density

What results can you expect from SMP?

Whatever your circumstances or desired outcome, Platinum Cosmetic Ink's aim is to meet your individual needs and expectations. Our success is judged on your satisfaction and we strive to meet it.

We're perfectionists when it comes to hair loss solutions and cosmetic tattoos and we will work with you to achieve a natural, modern style. 

You can expect immediate results following your treatments and the treatment doesn't affect your body's ability to regenerate hair follicles. So if the problems causing your thinning hair is resolved, your natural hair growth can continue after using SMP.



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