SMP For Men

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP)

Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP) is a highly detailed process to create a natural-looking simulation of micro hairs. SMP is widely considered the modern and successful or most recent hair loss solution for both men and women. 


Platinum Cosmetic Ink’s sophisticated scalp application is administered to the head over two to three sessions, each spaced about a week apart. In other words, our SMP treatment will take an average of two to three weeks.


Results will be visible by the end of our treatment process. 


The SMP technique is completely surgery and scar-free. And almost no ongoing maintenance is required. 


Platinum Cosmetic Ink’s consultations and treatments are backed by our unrivalled knowledge and experience of the Scalp Micropigmentation process and our world-leading client aftercare and support programme. 


That makes us the number one SMP hair loss prevention and regrowth service in Perth and our other Western Australia locations. Find us here or book your appointment below.

What results can you expect from SMP?

SMP doesn't rewire your DNA to make you grow hair. It constructs an appearance that's so genuine that no one could ever know unless you told them.

Platinum Cosmetic Ink guarantees the results that you're looking for but if you're like many of the men that come through our doors, you want the evidence before you begin treatment.

That's why we offer our prospective clients the chance to meet and talk to our previous clients who have dealt with us. That way you can see the results in person.

What SMP can do for you

The SMP technique has helped thousands of men worldwide to achieve a youthful modern appearance, regardless of the pattern or extent of the hair loss. SMP can:

  • Create the appearance of a fuller, thicker head of hair

  • Recreate a natural, more youthful frontal hairline and side profile

  • Permanently conceal the symptoms of alopecia regardless of severity or reoccurrence

  • Hide hair transplant scars from strip or FUE surgery

  • Conceal scars and burns

  • Work as a combination solution with hair transplanting to provide thick additional density



1st Session


2nd Session


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